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Should have learn Mandarin better

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This morning, I came across an article written by Xandria Ooi which reminds me of one of my biggest regrets in life: Not learning Mandarin. I remember the days when my mom diligently speaks in Mandarin to me and put me in Mandarin classes. And although I  followed my mom’s advice, my heart and mind was never really there to learn the language. And today, with China becoming the next global economy and thus, much opportunities will exists, it would be an added advantage if I have mastered the language. Never saw it coming. After all, I was only 7 then. Haha.

I’m writing this post specially for Caitlin because I have this feeling that when she grows up, she will have very little affinity with the Mandarin language and will go thru the same experience as I have. Coupled with the fact that both her parents are English educated and chances are she will be expose to the Western culture significantly, there will come a time when this post will be put into good use.

And when the time comes, here’s a message for you, baby:


Read this article: rediscovering-mandarin


Written by changhwee

January 21, 2009 at 9:14 am

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