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The crap that we take from customers

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To serve and be served.

Customers in my opinion, are not just consumers per say, but rather people that you are connected to. It can be your boss and colleagues if you are employed. It can be direct consumers if you are running a business. Basically, people that defines your purpose whether it’s a business or a job you do.

In a world where competition is cut throat and customer loyalty is questionable, crafty customers will take advantage of the situation and give us crap whether it’s about pricing (most common for businesses) or service quality (most common for workplace). We will take crap from our customers but SELECTIVELY;

If your customer gives you crap and yet creates value, by all means do what you can to make him/her happy. The issue of right or wrong is secondary. Except if it violates your principles and values.

If your customer gives you crap but has value potential, please refer to above.

If your customer gives you crap and worth nothing, pls pls fire this customer because your time is scarce and would be better resourced to handle the other 2 customer types.

The challenge here is to know your customers and by knowing them, you will be able to categorise them and allocate your time effectively. And hopefully, derive most value from them.

Comprendo? Si.


Written by changhwee

January 15, 2009 at 2:28 pm

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